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The EFCCI is currently completing the first stage its Children’s Village project in Jamaica. The property will consist of housing and other amenities for underprivileged children, and provide a safe holistic environment for nurturing, growth and educational development.

Children's Village Project

The children that will be accepted into the Village homes will be at the infant to elementary school age. This nurturing environment will provide each child with the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood while instilling core family and religious values as well as life skills. Each home setting will consist of approximately four to six children, a mother and father along with the additional service of an aide.

The village will include Family Homes, Educational Facilities, an Assembly and Worship Center, Agricultural Programs, Professional Training Facilities and Administrative Offices.

The “parents” and caregivers for each home will be specially selected by a professional committee and each person will receive child care training. Other screening processes will also be used to select other Village staff. The EFCCI Village concept is based on the successfully managed ICC model.

This project is being completed in partnership with the International Children’s Care Inc., (ICC) and Northern Caribbean University, (NCU) that will provide counseling and academic support.

How Can I Help?

There are many ways you can help to enrich the life of a child who does not have the resources and support that are essential to well-rounded development. We look forward to partnering with you in anyway you can help. Start big or small every little counts.

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