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Safe Home Provided for Anselmo

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Written by nicki504   |   Published: July 9, 2016 at 4:18 pm

Last month we shared that a tremendous blessing is available to the children of ICC—and to YOU! From now until June 30, a $40,000 matching grant is being offered to help ensure that the children have the quality care they need through the summer months. There’s a limited time left. This will be such a help to children like Anselmo, one of our newest ICC family members. Here’s his story. Anselmo is a small, 7–year–old boy who lives in Guatemala.

He doesn’t know much about his biological family. According to his birth certificate, the couple that he was staying with were not his real parents. Anselmo was treated very poorly by this couple. They sent him out to the streets to sell candy and other sweets. If he did not sell everything, he was beaten once he returned home. Anselmo was also sent out at night to run errands for the couple. He was treated as a servant – or worse! One night, Anselmo, was so distraught that he asked for some help from a kind lady who had befriended him. She gladly agreed and the next morning she took him to the district court of children.

After hearing the story, the judge realized that Anselmo needed the specialized care that the Los Pinos children’s village offers to orphaned, neglected and abused children. He wrote out the orders and in a little while the police brought him to Los Pinos. You’ll be happy to know that Anselmo is fitting in well at his new home. According to information we recently received from Los Pinos; “Anselmo is a very special child. He is affectionate and smiles a lot. When we received him he was very happy and his eyes shone with joy. He likes the food and his new family.”

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